This is what I promised myself when I though about sharing my journey and my experiences on parenting, womanhood, business ventures, feminism, self care, entrepreneurship and whatever comes next. I wanted to create a space for me and hopefully for others to share our thoughts with honesty, with no shame nor guilt. I don’t want to put any pressure on this project to become anything else than MY project. A place for me to express myself freely, without having to be productive, profitable or scalable. Just a blog for me to share and listen to other people. 

This is me for the first time with no plans, no lunching strategy, no business model, no financial forecast, no marketing strategy. That’s what I teach at University, that is what I coach entrepreneurs to do. I decided to do something different, to see where it leads me. (I won’t dare to quote Einstein’s famous say AGAIN, but oh boy he was right. Why though, is it so hard to change?)

This is just me sharing my path to living a more comfortable life in my own skin, based on  awareness, appreciation, compassion and gratitude. A journey were I let go perfectionism, control and obsessions. A journey that it hasn’t finished yet and that is worth everyday.


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