We could work together

Maybe you want to start a business or change career. Maybe you want to do something more meaningful with your professional life or just find a way to live a more balanced life, with just more time for everything. Maybe you own a successful business, but you feel burnout and stuck.

I have been working with entrepreneurs, business women, mumpreneurs and people looking for a more meaningful life for few years now. I have supported them from a compassionate place, where I listen, ask questions and help them to explore and connect with their own choices.


I do my coaching using the skills and learning I got from my Philosophy studies (B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy), my business expertise (I hold an MBA from IE Business School, I am a venture founder, entrepreneurs advisor and mentor, University educator, and incubator manager) and my expertise in agile methodologies (I am an accredited  SCRUM master, Design Thinking, Canvas and Action Learning facilitator). Besides all my professional training I am also getting my IFC accreditation as a coach and have learnt many interesting tools and insights from my studies in  Eastern philosophies, mindfulness techniques, meditation, conscious parenting...You maybe think by now: wow, that’s quite of a mix! But as all the aspects of your life are intertwined, what works well in one area works almost always also in the others. That I called Uberlearning. Finding the behaviours, thoughts, choices and actions that work for you, enhancing your professional and personal life, and increasing your overall performance and satisfaction. And that is what I would like to share with you through my coaching.

If you are lucky enough to live in this wonderful city called Brisbane (Australia) we can have F2F sessions. Otherwise, we can do it online through a safe platform, that’s how I do most of my coaching and teaching those days. Email me to cayetana@fromtherightplace.com to know more about the process, fees, frequency, etc.

We can have our sessions in either English or Spanish, whatever language is closer to your thoughts and feelings.