This is me

I have been always interested in the transformative power of questioning. Powerful, profound, curious questions are at the root of Philosophy. I got a BA and MA in Philosophy with honours and through those programs, I started learning how to ask meaningful, exploratory questions. Then I wanted to learn how to apply those questions to the real world, how to put philosophical tools and frameworks into work. I took a MA in creative industries management to link philosophy with arts, culture and creativity. I grew my entrepreneurial spirit and my business expertise by founding and co-founding several ventures in this arena (Exitus, Bajo Palabra, Aecumad). Some projects didn’t go beyond the seed stage, some others flourished beyond my initial hope. I kept digging. I kept reading. My journey led me to Australia, where I kept educating myself in the role of facilitator and coach. I am an accredited facilitator in Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Action Learning, Design Thinking and Canvas.

me. raw. honest.

I continued growing my business expertise at the same time, coaching entrepreneurs, business people and researchers and managing a range of incubator programs. In the meantime, my husband and I started a family. He and my two children that give me endless love, focus and direction. I got an MBA through IE Business School to consolidate and grow the business expertise I got through years of hands-on experience. My passion about the power of questioning, my fascination about business and entrepreneurship and my commitment to help people to find their right set of choices, has led me to set up , a comprehensive business and career coaching practise where I use the tools and learning I got so far to support my clients in taking sustainable and consistent choices in their personal and professional life.

If you want to explore ways to think and work together, you can find me at and


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